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PostSubject: Sinopsis   Sinopsis Icon_minitimeMon Aug 03, 2009 12:23 am

The show revolves around the everyday life of Chris, who is a 12 year-old seventh grade student in the series' first episode. Chris is one of the few 'normal' characters on the show, surrounded by a collection of crazy characters that, in his point of view, act as if they dislike him. Chris attends an all-Caucasian school where students and teachers alike pick on him, and lives in a low-income community. If events progress favorably for Chris throughout an episode, they will almost certainly backfire on him by the end. Likewise, if a situation isn't going Chris' way, it always manages to get even worse for him, whether or not he tries to change the course of events.

The guest characters on the show all seem to detest Chris for some unknown reason. In fact, comedian Chris Rock, upon whose early life the show is based, made a guest appearance as the guidance counselor, Mr. Abbott, who also disliked Chris and unhelpfully focused on how Chris was in trouble academically. Even the warmest of guest characters have some inexplicable dislike of Chris, such as one character named Kris (Richard Lewis), who was injured and in hospital.

In the third season finale, Chris graduates from Corleone Junior High School, but his joy is cut short when his best friend Greg moves to a new school—Chris quickly hatches a plan to go to Greg's high school. Greg ends up having to go to Chris' high school anyway.

When Chris goes home, things don't get any easier because his bizarre family life presents its own set of problems. A nostalgic type show complete with voice over narration, "...Chris" is often comparable to The Wonder Years as well as Malcolm In The Middle.

During the series' run, Everybody Hates Chris was set in different time periods throughout the 1980s. The first season was set in 1982–1983. The second season was set in 1984–1985. The third season was set in 1985–1986. For the fourth season, the series is set 1986–1987

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